Over Breakfast

He looked over his coffee cup at his lover of so many years, eating breakfast and reading the latest Bop Peat magazine. He looked over his teacup at his lover of so many years, eating breakfast and reading the morning newspaper.
The child-man had blossomed into a mature man. The once rail-thin body had developed tone and breadth. Shoulders had broadened a bit, chest and abs were more defined, legs that could still run for hours without tiring had gained more muscle. The careworn man had transformed into a more relaxed man. The strong and lean-muscled body had remained the same, wide shoulders tapering to a taut stomach and narrow waist, and long legs that matched his own stride during their daily morning run.
His once J-Pop pink hair was back to its natural dark brown with deep auburn highlights, to match the thatch of long soft fur hidden by the long yellow cotton yukata. Hair once light yellow had darkened to an antique gold with pale highlights, still not matching the dirty blond nest of short soft fuzz hidden by the long blue cotton yukata.
A couple of inches taller due to a last-minute growth spurt had been added to the still somewhat lanky form. His youthful beauty had been exchanged for a classically chiseled handsomeness.
The face was a bit thinner, cheekbones more prominent, bringing his visage a more masculine cast. Shining hazel eyes had stabilized to a green-ringed purple. His face had lost its gauntness and haunted look and tiny, and endearing, laugh lines had developed around his now twinkling golden hazel eyes.
He was still loud, sometimes annoying, occasionally charming. He was still cranky, sometimes annoying, occasionally charming.
And he was loved unconditionally. And he was loved unconditionally.

They looked over breakfast at each other, and smiled.

To my ratling, the love and destiny of my soul.

© 2003 July 5th Bakayaro onna

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