An average sort of day at Safehouse 13 - if there actually is such an animal...

       07.57:- 6-9 attempts to wake 4-2 with a mug of very hot, very black, very strong coffee. Failing dismally, he sighs and tries the intravenous method...
       07.59:- Caffeine swiftly replacing plasma in her bloodstream, 4-2 sits up too quickly, groans as the room spins, then staggers from the bed in search of more coffee.
       08.32:- Now more or less awake, 4-2 walks the two mile round trip to drop the Changeling at school. 6-9 starts work.
       09.20:- 6-9 grabs 4-2 as she re-enters the Safehouse...
       09.21-09.57: - [CENSORED]
       10.10:- 6-9 retires to own office to continue work. 4-2 boots up, gazes round at office, shaking head at piles and heaps of books, papers and reference material, sighs, chains self to keyboard and checks email. Repeat after me... "I'll tidy up when I've finished writing the book. I'll tidy up when I've finished writing the book..." Sneaky voice in back of mind answers - 'you said that four books ago!!'
       10.13-10.30:- answering emails/corres and checking current tasks.
       10.31-13.30:- Work.
       13.31:- Lunch interrupted by a phone call from the Fox, wanting to know why the latest synopsis and sample chapters haven't arrived yet. Explain they went in the post yesterday and volunteer to email copies for advance perusal. Spend next 20 minutes trying to find the damn things as 6-9 has misfiled them. Finally phone him to ask where they are.
       14.00:- 6-9 comes downstairs, finds files in 2 seconds flat (they were in WIP. Of course they were. How silly of me...), makes another pot of coffee and goes back to own office. 4-2 zaps off emails and continues work.
       14.47:- 6-9 leaves to collect the Changeling from school. 4-2 continues working.
       16.15:- 6-9 and Changeling arrive back tired and muddy from hike through the valley. Changeling has tea and then does homework: watches Pokémon or TimeTeam, discusses the day's events, goes up for teeth, bath and bed.
       19.15:- 4-2 tries, in vain as always, to persuade 6-9 to join her for work-out: as always, ends up working out alone...
       20.20:- 4-2 heads for shower, meets 6-9 halfway... [Next 30 minutes censored]
       21.00-22.00: - TV. The Professionals: maybe Babylon 5 once Granada+ finish showing the Original Series. On Sundays, The New Professionals at 20.00 then a scurry to write and post the review.
       22.01-00.30: Work. 6-9 usually retires around 23.00: at 00.45 (or thereabouts) 4-2 stops work and moves onto fun things... Like Safehouse updates, or fiction, or graphic work...
       Any time between 01.30 and 03.30:- 4-2 falls into bed and tries to sleep...

And at weekends I even get a lie-in!

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