The New Professionals

Episode 13 - Glory Days

       Another enjoyable (if flawed) episode - and a good way to end the first series (save the biggest 'til last, and I suppose they don't come much bigger - in importance and in the public consciousness, at least - than the President of the United States...)

       The overall idea is a good one. An international conference attended by (at least) the twelve nations the President (should that read the Presidential Office? I've no idea how these things work...) has persuaded to join forces to combat international crime - and, more importantly in the context of the episode, pool their resources, particularly where their 'secret' organisations are concerned: to make the free exchange of information a legal obligation. No wonder the Russian Mafia aren't best pleased! And there was something almost... cute... about the fact that while the purpose of the conference was co-operation, the forces involved - both British and American - in making sure it all went smoothly were more concerned about making sure they got due credit than actually sharing their information!

       What puzzles me is how the Russians expected to succeed when they sent such an incompetent bunch to do the job. I mean, guns that stick, a truck that won't start, and to cap it all agents who blow themselves up.... Not exactly confidence-inspiring, is it?

       Joking aside (for the second episode in a row), for me, the Russian ineptitude dragged the episode down to a slightly farcical level, which wasn't helped by Curtis and Keel's haring backwards and forwards between the boat (sorry, ship) and the Dower House (well, halfway to it, anyway.) The 'Organisation' is supposed to be one of the most feared on the planet, and this is how they carry out such a vital assignment? Doesn't wash...

       And I do feel sorry for the poor old cook! For a moment there we thought Murray was going to save the day - but no, he ends up as a (dead) clue to indicate that all is not well on board the boat (sorry, ship... Yeah, OK - I'll drop the running gag. It's marginally less funny than the graveyard one....) Bit of an anti-climax for the guy - not to mention not doing his career any good at all... And why on earth did the Russian agents just leave him floating in the water? Bit of a giveaway, I'd have thought. I know the assignment was supposed to be over quickly, but all the same - there was always the risk that he'd be found before they'd had a chance to get away.

       "Big Bang" Malone? Big Bang!! (I'm sure there's an obscene joke in there somewhere!) Somehow makes Malone seem human, doesn't it! Will we ever know more than that it involved the Russian radar in Berlin? Probably not, more's the pity...

       Is it my imagination or does Curtis have a rather odd way of diving for cover? (I only ask because I have a strange urge to giggle every time I see him flying through the air...)

       And we got to see Keel in tight white pants again. I can sleep happy... (Am I turning into a sarcastic old hag? Hmm.... Perhaps it's just stress. Perhaps a decent night's sleep would help. Perhaps I need a holiday... No, I definitely need a holiday...)

       It was nice to hear Cowley mentioned again in this last episode, as in the first - and especially in such an active role (it was Malone's predecessor who shot Marmet twenty years ago.) After all, without the Cow, CI5 would never have existed...

       And we have to say 'farewell' to our New Professionals, at least for the moment. It was fun getting to know them, and joining them in these thirteen assignments (well, most of the time, at least...) I'm going to miss them. I sincerely hope they'll be back. Soon.


It's probably a coincidence - another example of the writers' predilection for using the same names again and again - but in Discovered in a Graveyard "Malone's men" - the CI5 forensic team - are mentioned in passing (by Bodie). In Glory Days it's confirmed that Malone is Cowley's direct successor. Might they be the same Malone? Perhaps not. Harry Malone, by his own confession, is an "old navy man". It's extremely unlikely he'd accept such a pedestrian position - even if he had the right temperament for the job. (Back)

Please could one of you Russian speakers email me the correct spelling of 'organitzatsaya' (that's what it sounded like...)? Thanks in anticipation! (Back)

I wonder which were the twelve... Makes for interesting speculation, that! (Back)

4-2, Dec 99
....nah. Not yet, anyway!!...


Although The New Professionals has finished (for the time being only, we hope), I'll be continuing to post material in the Safehouse in the future.

In the meantime, all at the Safehouse wish all of you the happiest of Yuletides, and may all your dearest dreams be realised in the New Millennium!

Joules "4-2" Taylor, December 21st 1999.

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