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Episode 7 - Skorpion

       I really can't find much to say about this episode. It was more or less standard fare, nothing terribly original plotwise, and a little bland. It failed to engage my enthusiasm or interest, and I couldn't empathise with any of the characters. That being said, there was nothing actually bad about it. There are far worse ways of spending 45 minutes on Samhain eve.

       There was one nice touch, though: Keel's memorising the boat's phone number. That used to be Doyle's trick - car registration plates, police badge numbers, phone numbers...(especially phone numbers.)

       Sky 1 are having an 'Aussie Weekend' next week: they won't be showing Episode 8 until the Sunday after. For now, I'm off to watch Klansmen (again...)

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Samhain - ancient festival (these days known as Hallowe'en) when the barriers between the Unseen World and the mortal world grow thin, and beings can pass from one to the other. Please note: Samhain is pronounced 'Sa Veen' (if you're Irish) or 'Sah Wen' (if you're me - i.e. West Country Brit) - but never 'Sam Hane'.

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