The New Professionals

Episode 9 - Miss Hit

       Oh, that's better!

       I enjoyed this episode - it has the sort of energy that helped make the original series so exciting and exhausting to watch! Fast action, quite a complex plot (something I've rather missed in most of the episodes so far), and some lovely Doyle-esqe behaviour from Curtis - with 78's instead of Limoges china...

       It was good to see CI5 again portrayed as human and fallible, too - another element that made the original series so addictive. These people may be tough and talented, but they're not superhuman. And I have to admit, seeing Curtis overpowered by the police raised a wry and wholly inappropriate chuckle: it's the sort of case of mistaken identity The Professionals does so well... At least Curtis reacted a little less aggressively than Bodie would have done.

       Franco is such a sweetie, it's probably just as well he's getting out of the Mafia. I can't imagine him lasting five minutes with the Mob. Nice, understated characterisation - very believable. I liked the scene in the church, as well - although it came as a (pleasant) surprise to hear the priest speak in an Irish accent: for some reason (probably from half-watching too much bad and predictable TV) I'd expected Italian.

       I do wish Backup was given more to do. She's proven herself perfectly capable of fighting alongside the men: I'd like to see her given the opportunity to do so more often. Or at the very least playing a more important rôle at HQ. We know she occasionally does something sneaky (like hacking into security systems without Malone's authorisation - I liked that!), so why not give her more of the same?

       It's a pity more wasn't made of Keel's keen nose for perfume! If he realised whose it was, why not tell anyone? (Yes, I know that would have spoiled the story, but I'm sure the writer or director could have worked around that minor detail!)

       I'm still waiting/hoping for more characterisation. I've grown used to the new crew, I like them, and I want to know more about them. I've read that the actors were allowed a certain amount of leeway with their characters: it's a pity they didn't take more advantage of the latitude offered - not least because, of course, they now run the risk of having the fans develop their characters and histories, and their relationships, in the weird and wonderful continua of FanFic, where literally anything can happen... Hmmm... Intriguing idea... Now when do I have a window in my schedule...?

Sorry, no animation this week. I had an urgent assignment dropped in my lap and didn't have enough time to create one. Or do much else, come to that - working an 18 hour day doesn't half play havoc with your love-life... Hopefully next week, when I'll know if I can spare any time and still meet all my deadlines.

The Professionals - Original Series: Episode 4 - Killer with a Long Arm

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