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       A number of people have very kindly emailed me with comments about The New Professionals reviews, and with answers to some of the questions I've raised. I thought I'd share them with you! Click on an episode title to go to the appropriate section.

High Speed
Choice Cuts

Renate Gorke (Germany) emailed me a wonderful insight that simply hadn't occurred to me:-

"For once the German was one of the good guys - and the Nazi was (surprise!) not a German!!"

It's great to see a reversal of the usual cliche...

High Speed

David Taylor (UK - no relation - at least, as far as I know...) was kind enough to confirm that the High Speed location in the UK was Brand's Hatch - adding that he's actually driven round there himself! "Great fun!", indeed, Dave? Bit of an understatement, that, maybe. I'm green with envy!

Brenda (Switzerland)has enlightened me about gustatory extravagances in her locality:-

Just saw your latest review and had a giggle at "Swiss coffee". The Swiss are compulsive coffee drinkers, and mostly prefer VERY small cups of VERY strong stuff. Our coffee machines come second best to aircraft cockpits, and produce "normal" coffee (like strong, ground coffee in the UK), expresso (very strong) and the tiny "ristretto" (half the water of expresso and like an intravenous shot of caffeine to the veins). We also have "renversé" which is weaker, milky coffee (for the faint-hearted) and cappucino.

Ye gods, it sounds like paradise to a caffeine addict like me! Many thanks, Brenda. (Now, when can I come visit? :D )

Renate Gorke (Germany) emailed a different slant on Dr Stoner's behaviour - and it's a good one:-

I never thought of bringing him near Hannibal Lecter, but it works. My own feeling about the motive of Dr. Stoner for changing his mind about his weapon was that he is one of those very intelligent scientists who only see the world in a very abstract way. But by mentioning his daughter he suddenly became aware, that he is actually talking about human beings, and couldn't it just be, that his daughter, who is in Paris, is by chance on/near the Eiffel Tower, when he destroys it? So suddenly he realises what it means to kill people...

It's a chilling thought. And worrying to wonder how many other scientists think the same way...

Choice Cuts
New 15/1/00: I've had a recent email from Raelene, in Autralia giving us more information about blood groups:
       You are right about the blatant error in this episode with the blood groups: in fact the only true comment in the whole show is when Keel says his blood group is type O.
       Type O is the commonest blood group around: the rhesus factor is either positive or negative. When an emergency blood transfusion is given then Type O negative is called for - this is because giving positive blood to a negative recipient can cause severe complications because a person with negative blood will build up antibodies to destroy this positive blood.
       This is why pregnant mothers with blood types with a negative rhesus factor are tested very quickly after the birth of their child. If that child happens to have rhesus positive blood, the mother can be treated to counteract the making of antibodies. (If this isn't done any future babies with a positive rhesus factor are at risk. It will also be necessary for women to carry a card advising of this fact in case a blood transfusion should be urgently needed.)
       The rarest blood type is AB negative, and people with this blood group are regularly called on to donate blood. People with AB blood are known as universal recipients in that they are able to receive bloods from any group. That being said, hospitals will always attempt to cross match with the correct group, or they will use O negative until the blood type is known and then switch over to this type.

Many thanks, Raelene. Now we just need to persuade the scriptwriters to be a little more accurate!

Many thanks to Jesper Antvorskov (Denmark) for answering my question about why Malone and Backup shot at the ceiling in Choice Cuts. Apparently they heard noises above them, and - acting on the old adage "shoot to kill - he will..." - let off a few rounds just in case.

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