OP Dancing

A couple of weeks ago I found a very clever, beautifully made homage to the Transformers and Michael Jackson on Youtube.


(Ideally, watch the clip first - the pic will make more sense, then. It's only four minutes-odd long, and very cute. And impressive. I just wish I could read Japanese, I've love to know what's being said....)

Found it!!

I heard he was the great pop singer from Earth. That's cool. Culture sure is a treasure. I agree with that.
SF: So, if you're gonna do the role of Michael, you're gonna be Rodimichael?
HR: Hm, that's kinda'...cool?
PE: Then, if you are gonna take the role,? you would be Ultra Michael?
UM: ...I'm sorry. I would like to refuse that.
DR: Than I want to be Drift Jackson.

Translation part2
SF: I don't know if that sounds good.
PE: You don't understand our conversation
UM: Don't ignore the rules
DR: Hey, don't pick on me. I was just joking.
OP: It's almost time.
All: Prime!
OP: We've got a order
All: Yes, sir!
UM: Prime, we don't have enough members.
OP: No problem. Everything is fine.? I've got an idea. Autobots, roll out! [Music starts]

Translation Part3
SW: If you've got time to? play around, why don't you spend time for the invention of new energy.
HR: It's Shockwave.
All: What?!
OP: Chase and capture him.
All: Yes, sir!
SW: What? *gasp* That looks scary!

SW's comment in the end: After they caught me, they took me to a place where all of the others were, and they made me help to prepare the party.

It's been haunting me ever since (curse you, whoever decided to give Prime the skimpiest little thong ever! G1 was supposed to be for kids!) - it's OP's sexy little wiggle, I swear it is - and my drawing muse bit me and wouldn't let go.

So here you go. Inspired by the above video. A picture of a humanised - sort of - Optimus Prime dancing...

(Also on my Deviantart page.)

© JAT Jan 2012

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