OP Dancing

A couple of weeks ago I found a very clever, beautifully made homage to the Transformers and Michael Jackson on Youtube. Unfortunately I can't embed the video, here - it's restricted for some reason, though it'll embed fine on blogger - but here is the link ...

(Ideally, watch the clip first - the pic will make more sense, then. It's only four minutes-odd long, and very cute. And impressive. I just wish I could read Japanese, I've love to know what's being said....)

It's been haunting me ever since (curse you, whoever decided to give Prime the skimpiest little thong ever! G1 was supposed to be for kids!) - it's OP's sexy little wiggle, I swear it is - and my drawing muse bit me and wouldn't let go.

So here you go. Inspired by the above video. A picture of a humanised - sort of - Optimus Prime dancing...

(Also on my Deviantart page.)

© JAT Jan 2012

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