"Life is full of choices. Not all of them are easy."

       In fact, for most of us few of them are easy - for Stan, none are...
       Prince is dead - they saw him die. May is also dead - both 790 and Kai confirmed the fact. So how can Prince be talking to Stan, and to Xev, trying to convince them to destroy Water? How can May still be alive? There are an awful lot of questions yet to be answered...
       Stan is faced with a dilemma: when Prince disappeared the first time, Stan had shouted after him that he agreed to destroy Water - and May was immediately 'not dead' any more. But as soon as Stan tried to go back on his word, she began to fail. The inference is that May can stay with him if he destroys the planet, but will be dead again if he does not. So does Stan go ahead and spare Water, inhabited as it is with people he does not know, and lose May, or does he decimate the planet and have May for the rest of his life? If his feelings for May had simply been lust, the choice would have been much easier - but he believes she's the right and only one for him, his one chance at true happiness, and she seems to reciprocate...
       So while Kai is on Water trying to gather enough food to feed the Lexx (a hopeless task, I'd have thought, given the sheer size of the big bug, but Kai's patience is inexhaustible...), Stan tries to blow up the planet. And Xev stops him. And May does not stop living, although her condition is grave.
       At first sight it appears that Prince was lying; that he does not hold the power of life or death over May. At second sight it's rather more disturbing than that - it's more as though he will use the ability, if he feels so inclined. It's a casual attitude, almost god-like. Prince is very confident of his power.
       Stan is given a second chance. Meanwhile Prince is talking Xev into allowing Stan to use the Lexx on planet Water. Or rather, he's trying to. Meanwhile, an inhabitant of Gametown, one Fifi (last seen aboard the Luvliner) has stolen Kai's moths and left him stranded. It's a messy situation...
       Failing in his attempt to win Xev over, Prince at least believes he has delayed her for long enough to prevent her from stopping Stan. Near omnipotent he might be, but he obviously isn't omniscient - and Xev discovers another facet of her Cluster Lizard heritage.
       There's a lot less friction between Xev and Stan these days. They seem to have reached a state of tolerance, if not mild affection for each other. Certainly they understand each other much better than previously. (And about time too.)
       The people of Gametown, with the exception of Fifi, are amazingly na´ve - and I found the shower scene funny rather than erotic (but I assume that was the reaction the creators were looking for.) These young people are clean-cut, healthy and perfectly frank about their thoughts and feelings, and if it weren't for the fact they think nothing of grabbing bow and arrows and shooting attackers out of the sky, you'd think them incapable of hurting anyone's feelings, let alone killing them... Interesting contrast, that.

       Exactly what was the purpose and meaning of that extraordinary scene with Prince and May? No wonder both Stan and Xev seemed a little shell-shocked: the former had made the wrong choice, the latter the right choice, but both had lost what they most desired - only to find it probably wasn't theirs for the taking in the first place! Had they indeed simply seen what the two rulers had wanted them to see? And what of the relationship - if it truly is one - between May and Prince?

This is becoming increasingly fascinating...

Wondering Allowed

I wonder whether Stan really did think Kai would survive Water's destruction?

The concept of balance comes into play again when Stan is talking 'hypothetical' situations with Kai, who responds to what is, effectively, a plea for advice with the comment that "it does not sound balanced" (i.e. the death of a lot of people in exchange for one person's life.)

Kai has shown discrimination in the past as to how much information he reveals. So why (apart from the obvious ploy of enabling Fifi to steal the moths) does he tell all here? And does this 'carelessness' make him morally responsible for upsetting the balance of power and ability between the two worlds..?

The people of Fire - and Prince in particular - seem to use their sense of smell a lot. No reason why they shouldn't, of course, but I can't help wondering why...

I hadn't really thought about it before, but it does make sense for Kai, as an assassin of the Divine Order (or Divine Assassin, as it was so charmingly phrased!) to be able to truly know when someone is really dead. It saves a second trip to kill them again... Back

I find that very seductive... But then, I find Prince extremely charismatic. Back

I found that little scene between Kai and Fifi amusing - and Kai's parting comment a touch ominous; "I do not intend to kill you. Yet." Back

And I'm sure, had the circumstances been less fraught, Stan would have rather enjoyed Xev's method of silencing him! Back

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Episode 4

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