Slightly Darkened Room, with Rainbows


Outside, the late sun yawns like the snoozing cat.

             There are rainbows on the stars on the ceiling,
             Refracted through the sun-sprite
             (Pegasus rampant with crescent moon)
             On the window.
                   Later, those stars will glow falsely, with
                          stored, reflected light.

             They say the best way to learn the use of Tarot
             Is to meditate, a year and a day, upon each card in turn,
             Until, in year 78, The Wheel (Major Arcana, no 10) turns full circle
             And the seeker becomes a Fool again,
             Innocently wise, and fearing nothing.

             The cooler outer air pulls incense plumes downward,
             Chaos theory in a nutshell.
             The makers will donate to the charity you choose when you choose your scent.
             'Seaspray' fills the air.

             The pack is new, and doesn't yet know the sound & shape of my fingers
             Shuffling & riffling, I make them mine
             And pull a card at random.

             (c) Joules Taylor

                   First published POETRY now 1994 (West Country Anthology).



I am a flame in darkness, voicing riddles in the firedrake's ear.
                   Through me the old gods speak again, risen from aeons long sleep
                   To stretch and gaze upon their failing earth
                   And raise her up to glory once again.

                   I sing in the voice of the blade striking sparks from ice,
                   The howls of winter hoarsen my throat
                   And my eyes ache glaring through the blizzard's blast.

                   Claws frozen deep in glacier heart,
                             I cannot run,
                                   But spirit soars
                   To catch the first sundawning glints
                   Of shades of unearthly rose sparkling on the frozen sea.

                   I am the wind's brother, and mother to crag and pinnacle of ice,
                   Jagged daggered spires made solid beautiful, yet frail as life.

                   Call to me across the years - I may not answer -
                   Yet may you find me at your side,
                   Grey and honourable and pacing soft with you as you walk,
                   Silent ice-eyed guardian of all you dream,
                   Companion of night and friend to the dark.

             © 1997 Joules Taylor

                   First published Moonstone 68, Samhain 1997.

© 1999 WordWrights.

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