Flirting with Filk.....

The Klingon

Words: Ken and Joules Taylor.
Music: "The Boxer" by Simon and Garfunkel.

       I am Krunsh the Klingon
       My ambition's growing cold,
       I have squandered my commission
       For a holo-pic of rumbles
       With the Romulans.
       I failed the test
       When I met, deep in the Neutral Zone,
       The Federation's best.

       When I left aboard
       That Bird of Prey
       I was second in command:
       On our screens the scourge of blood-lust,
       There in the heat of battle stations,
              Captain Kirk!
       With my Captain killed by phasers
       "We must flee, retreat!" I cried,
       My crew all died of shame -
              I alone survived.


Seeking only death in battle
I come looking for a ship -
But I've been black-listed:
Got a temp. job cleaning drains
On Rigel Seventeen.
It drove me spare -
Hosing out the squatting Tellurites
Just bored me to despair.


       Now I'm laying out my uniform
       And planning my escape
              Into space...
       Gonna hi-jack me a Cruiser
       And avenge myself.
       Going home
              Into space...

       In the Courtroom stands a Klingon
       And a warrior by trade,
       He's accused of Grand Theft Spaceship
       And of his guilt there is no doubt.
       His motive, though, was blameless
       One of anger born of shame
              "You're acquitted - take that Cruiser!"
       Yes, the warrior remains...


Giggerota's Eyes

Words: Ken and Joules Taylor.
Music: "Gary Gilmore's Eyes", The Adverts.

       I'm standing on the Lexx's bridge, my hands around Stan's throat,
       Another meal of liver planned, I lick my lips and gloat,
       Tweedman's looking terrified, he's quivering with fright...
       Then - damn Kai to the protein bank! - I take an unplanned flight...

              Looking through Giggerota's eyes?
              Last I knew she'd cut me down to size,
              Killed, flayed and eaten - cannibalised...
              And now I'm looking through Giggerota's eyes...!

       I struggle in the Bug's guts, find my way to solid ground,
       Refuel with a lunch of moth - and then I hear that sound...
       .... The brains have made me promises I only hope they'll keep,
       And take me to a world of plenty, milk-fed, rich and deep
In flesh.....

              Looking through Giggerota's eyes,
              Might've known the brains would tell me lies -
              I can only watch as off Lexx flies!
              Looking through Giggerota's eyes.....

              Looking through Giggerota's eyes -
              Never had time to say my goodbyes...
              Talk about a nasty surprise!
              Looking through Giggerota's eyes!

       I'm standing on a stabiliser, flying meat has fled,
       The Brunnis sun turns supernova, I will soon be dead,
       A wailing cry breaks from my throat, I'm drinking in the light,
       Her life begins to flash before me, cannibal's delight....
Oh no! I'm

              Looking through Giggerota's eyes,
              No-one to hear my furious cries,
              Should've listened to His Shadow's advice,
              But it's far too late now to be wise!
              Looking through (what's left of) the Wicked's eyes....

       She don't need her eyes to see -
       Giggerota and her eyes have parted company....!

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