Beauday and Doyaal

Beauday and Doyaal, undercover (well, out of uniform anyway!) and in the field...

       Meet Beauday and Doyaal, of Delta Monocerotis, trouble-shooters with ILEA (the galactic counterpart of the Terran CI5) and guest stars in a forthcoming MMCI5 story.
       And if enough people like 'em, I might just give them their own series. When I've finished Seeds (now finished) and Timeslipping, of course...

       Well, that was the plan anyway. But what can you do if a pair of armed 'taurs burst in, threatening not to do all sorts of wonderful things if you don't start writing their stories...? Find them here.

       Thanks to Carol for accidentally leading to their creation by quite innocently asking me if I thought Bodie could ride a horse...

© Joules Taylor May 2000

© 2000 WordWrights.

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